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Titanium SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring) was built with the vision of inducing cyber threat intelligence with Mitre Att&ack Framework to detect the suspicious activities on the machines.

Why Choose Titanium SIEM? Why Choose Us?

The initial step to build an effective system SIEM rigorously followed by TISEC includes preparation of the security events and their incident response which are overlooked by majority of SIEM’s.

All events are shipped to the logging system by the majority of SIEM vendors, generation the issue of Event Noise. Event Noise spikes the cost as now SIEM is detecting the logs which it shouldn’t, therefore increasing the use of storage, thus making the incident response and detection even harder.

Titanium SIEM includes the following benefits: 

  • Since it is a tailored SIEM, only industry specific security events are sent improving the incident response and reducing cost
  • Titanium SIEM follows the pricing model based on nodes thus creating its niche as major SIEM pricing model is based on events per second

MITRE Att&CK Framework

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Titanium SIEM senses threats at stages IV and V, allowing an organisation to better detect, identify and respond to attacks before it causes damages. The advanced technology used by Titanium SIEM includes 24*7 monitoring and analysis of documented threats protected by Mitre’s ATT&CK Framework.



Industry Tailored siem

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Titanium SIEM is not a generic SIEM. The SIEM is tailored in order to skip all the unnecessary logs to be more proficient.The SIEM can be tailored for the following industries not limited to:

  • Retail
  • HealthCare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Telecom
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Real Estate

24/7 Monitoring

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Security Engineers at TISEC act as first line of defence if anything goes haywire. We continuously monitor the logs generated from Titanium SIEM, our clients can rely on us, if there is anything suspicious or fishy, we are there to notify and provide immediate assistance to mitigate the risk.

How It Works

Titanium SIEM enables an organisation with advanced visibility into the security events, identifying them within a severity range from 1-100. Titanium SIEM provides dashboards which gives graphical representation of the security events thus enabling an organisation to identify and respond risk in an efficient manner. 


How to start

  • TISEC Security Engineer Reconnaissance
  • Security Consultation
  • Titanium SIEM Configuration
  • System Enhancement
  • Incident Response Playbook
  • Attack Risk Mitigation

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